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Pre-investment 4E evaluation of planned buildings and/or Optimization of IDP, DGD or PZI

It is difficult to make decisions based on subjective opinions! Not so based on objective calculations and sound methods. We evaluate your project on the basis of measurable properties. At the same time, we can help you sort through information and feelings about construction. Professional calculations refer to the following areas:

E1 The essence - represents the impulse and feeling for the design of the space and building - is related to the amount of built-in materials, the complexity of the implementation, functionality, maintenance costs and preservation of the value of the building and the immediate neighborhood. Sometimes a small change allows for a lower investment or a better utilization of invested resources. If no possible improvements are found, you will proceed with existing plans with greater confidence

E2 Ecology - We cooperate with IBÖ - Institute for Building Biology from Austria. We work with a recognized program and an international database of material data. The ecological calculation shows us the carbon footprint and eco points of the planned building and allows us to change the composition of the planned building. We can prepare several comparable building design variants and expertly based recommendations for the final selection of materials and construction systems for the planned house.

E3 Economics - Already in the conceptual project phase, we can create a realistic investment assessment for several variants. In connection with the energy calculation and the dynamic calculation of capital costs and operating costs, we prepare an economic calculation that clearly shows us and you in which variant it is "worth" to invest and in what time the investment will be covered and repaid.

E4 Energy - PH Design and PHPP are tools for 3D CAD capture of quantities and for energy calculation of the planned building. They reveal the weak points of the building envelope and mechanical installations and the possibilities for improvement. The PHPP calculation clearly shows whether the building is passive or not. how energy efficient the building is. It shows all stakeholders of energy losses and their interrelationship. We can carry out comparisons of different variants with relevant professional recommendations

I offer the complete "4E analysis" , but you can order only a single part. It is useful in cases of verification of received plans in terms of obtaining an independent SECOND OPINION, as well as OPTIMIZATION of the intended investment.

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