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We named our company after the SMARTLIVING program with our own brand of the same name.

SL solutions are based on pre-investment calculations , knowledge and personal experience of our founder. Key were his findings that for a quality project, it is necessary to integrate the user's criteria as comprehensively as possible.

Insights into the development of the SmARTliving concept:

  • There is environmental pollution with less suitable forms and/or placement of buildings in the space

  • The arbitrariness of investors is a reflection of insufficient knowledge in many cases too little or too much money, falling prey to subjective information and above all deficient urban planning in local policies

  • In order to carry out a quality project, principles and, as far as possible, the comprehensive integration of the profession and the user's criteria are necessary

  • Connected and qualified professionals and working with quality plans, materials and hardware have ensured that a great house doesn't have to cost more than the cheapest contractors and components

Trajnostna gradnja

We work together in project groups, our direction and operation are based on commitments:


We are not interested in half-baked and unprofessional solutions, as they are only sand castles.

"Wonderful products" from advertisements are not used in our solutions if they are dangerous or harmful to humans and the environment.

Everything we do, we do comprehensively, because if a single "puzzle" or piece is missing, the solution has an error.

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