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The company SmARTliving doo was founded at the end of 2022 with the aim of marketing products and engineering services in the field of modern residential construction. The company received its name on the basis of the SMARTLIVING program with the eponymous brand of the private institute, Institute for Energy and Space ENEPRO, Maribor.

We wrote down the philosophy, mission, aspects and attributes of the brand in the ID_SMARTLIVIG document.

Edited Image 2013-5-30-13_2_49_edited_ed

The SmARTliving brand carries the following meaning:

                                  S - sophisticated = completed

                                  M - master = master

                                  ART = art

of LIVING = lives - BEINGS

SmARTliving or "Smart ART of living" is our understanding of intervention in space, design of living space, choice of materials and other components of the building, taking into account the principles of integrity for a harmonious, healthy and creative life!

The SmARTliving brand or the abbreviation SL denotes a special selection of proven materials, equipment, components for the construction or renovation of residential houses.
SL selection is based on 4E calculations and many years of experience of our founder in the realization of projects.

Pay attention to the SL quality mark! Products with this label can inspire you and will be useful as a guide through your home construction or renovation project.
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