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Engineering services throughout all phases of construction or renovation of residential and commercial buildings:

Energy evaluation


  • Geomantic valuation of plots

  • Planning of PASSIVE, ACTIVE and PLUS+ energy houses

  • Creation of architectural plans with bill of quantities and lists of works

  • Comprehensive SL updates and EnerPHit remediation plans

  • Pre-investment 4E-ASSESSMENT of projects

  • Project optimization - a second opinion

  • Dynamic calculations of desiccation potential (WUFI)

  • 3D CAD CAM production plans of wooden structures

  • Project financing, insurance and EKOSKLAD subsidies, EU and other tenders


  • Representation of investors and additional construction supervision for EKOSKLAD

  • Project management of construction or renovation of residential buildings

  • Implementation engineering and construction site management with contractor coordination

  • Ensuring correct execution of passive construction details

  • Defect detection by measuring the air permeability of the building (Blower door measurement)


  • Measurement of air tightness with the issuance of two air permeability certificates

  • informing people, the environment, buildings and materials

  • training of users and monitoring of buildings after energy rehabilitation

  • Obtaining Passivhaus Institute certification

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