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From snapshot to implementation - all in one place!

With made Do NOT obtain an energy card yet all necessary information for the comprehensive renovation of the building.

We guarantee you cooperation with experienced experts and support for realizing a new quality of living in your building.

We also have a solution for the renovation of multi-apartment buildings, more...

We will be together in a proven way:

  • examined all possible remedial measures on the building

  • determined the appearance and new value of the building after renovation

  • set the order of tasks

  • looked for funding sources

  • made plans, calculations and necessary documentation

  • organized the implementation and successful renovation of the building

We guarantee:

  • ethical and professional project management

  • transparent financing

  • Internationally established solutions

We carry out:


  • construction and energy snapshot of the state of the building

  • we produce several concepts of comprehensive renovation with a comparative economic calculation

  • we motivate the owners and enable them to make professionally informed decisions

  • designing, obtaining approvals, permits and financial incentives

  • renovations and/or project management

Energy rehabilitation of a multi-apartment building before then


Dotrajan, žalosten videz, nizka vrednost nepremičnine, slabši bivalni pogoji in visoki računi za ogrevanje


Posodobljena nepremičnina, boljše bivanjske razmere in nizki obratovalni stroški

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