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The OBJECT maintains its value if it is properly maintained


Each newly built SMARTLIVING facility, based on the technology used, guarantees at least a 70-year lifespan without major maintenance work, but we know that individual parts of the facility must also be maintained on a regular basis . In the table that you can find HERE , you can see the general recommendations of maintenance experts. Each facility also has its own peculiarities, which we discuss and advise you on how to proceed.



even buildings that are not built according to SMARTLIVING technology have their own peculiarities, for which it is necessary to define appropriate ways of revitalization or even rehabilitation. We have already come across many examples:

- low-quality installation of joinery, when quality windows do not guarantee energy savings

- improper connections of different materials, where... bridges are formed, moisture accumulates and, as a result, mold

- inappropriate choices of insulating materials that make the envelope of the object impermeable and it is like being in a polyvinyl bag


Each material also has special properties , and we know for WOOD that trees absorb the energy of the earth and the sun, are natural stores of energy and, as a building material used, receive and emit energy. We know from experience that WOOD is warm, automatically and completely naturally regulates air humidity, does not emit harmful substances and does not cause allergies, .....


We know well and implement rehabilitation technologies and supply you with natural materials that can save you from harmful effects on your facility, such as:

Zaščita kamna in opeke: STONE-BLISS kot zaščita mineralnih površin kamna z učinkom utrjevanjaporoznih ometanih ali kamnitih zidov, zaščite pred kislim dežjem in sanacijo oziroma restavriranje kamnitih kipov, kamnitih vodnjakov in raznih skulptur ter zgradb. Zelo dobri rezultati so bili doseženi tudi pri sanaciji notranjih opečnatih stropov in sten kakor tudi opečnih strešnikov.  


With all-natural ingredients and measures, you can protect wooden structures, wooden joinery, interior furniture, ...

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