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or detection of errors by contractors with measurements of the air permeability of buildings (Blower Door)


Every house must be built vapor-permeable, temperature-stable and airtight in accordance with the current knowledge of the profession! Airtight because we install windows and ventilation systems to supply fresh air to buildings. Cracks in the envelope of the building and the defective way of installing windows and doors are harmful to the health of the residents, shorten the durability of the installed materials and waste energy unnecessarily (ventilation losses). Due to the poorly executed building envelope (slots), the owner of an average-sized residential building can count up to 500 euros annually in costs for the heating and cooling energy consumed and the corresponding decrease in comfort.


Research has unequivocally proven: if in the composition, e.g. wall, neglecting the 1 mm wide gap, the thermal conductivity of the composition deteriorates by 4.8 times or increases by 480%.


Why invest in more thermal insulation and at the same time allow inconsistencies in the execution of plasters or other vapor barriers? Answer:


Investing in thermal insulation is the best investment, and we will check the quality of the work with air tightness measurements!


Lepljenje stikov OSB plošč
Blowtest 3000 device
Lepljenje stikov parne ovire
Showing superficial sealing of electro doses
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